Dream Day

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Every day is like a dream.

The trees rustle; the sun shines on my skin.

I pinch myself.

How can I be this happy?

It’s almost uncomfortable. I have to grow my container big enough to hold all this energy, this vibrancy, this love.

I want others to see the world as I do, but how can I share such a perception?

I know people come from dark places, where the sun doesn’t shine.

I have a dream; I hold each soul tightly, feeling her heart beat.

Until we synchronize, until we understand one another.

Once in step, I let go of the embrace, and grab his shoulders firmly.

Our eyes meet for a moment, a few breaths

Before I turn her around

Still holding his shoulders

So she can face the sun

And feel the warmth on his skin

Soaking into her entire being.

Out of his nightmare

And into my dream.

We are together now.