Emotional Intelligence


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For me, I give yourself back to you

So that you may decide what to do with you.

Your actions and words, beliefs and absurds,

I give them all back.

I don’t carry you.


I no longer need the same lessons

So I no longer need the same pain.

I’ve learned through the years

I’ve good eyes and good ears,

And a heart I can trust, not blame.


Thank you for teaching me all I had wrong.

I’m grateful you triggered and wounded me.

I now feel the peace

I had all along.

Your transgressions asked me to be more of me.



I’ll decide from now on what my truth is,

Never reaching outside for that task.

I’ll decide what goes out,

And I’ll choose what comes in.

Never again will I ask.


Your words and ideas

Are now back in your brain.

You can keep them

or change them.

To me it’s the same.


My body is healed

And my heart has let go.

I’ve got life to love

And gardens to grow.


There once was a girl

Who was coming of age.

She longed to be free

But was trapped in a cage.


The cage became mental;

It’s all that she knew.

And parts that knew better

Weren’t nurtured by you.


But everything changes

And lies never last.

A heart that loves love

Has limits to fast.


And blocks that are made

From the heart to the brain

Can always be given

Right back where they came.










Stuck Energy

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Memories snagging me.

Resentment simmering.

I just want out.

How do you free yourself from the past

When the tears keep falling?

How do you let go

Of what’s holding you?

Every day the grip loosens;

Tears quieter, softer.


I feel myself unfold.

Something isn’t right though.

My heart needs to speak

and be heard.

And then i can sleep

Without you in my dreams.

My heart declawed.

Stretched Out

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Time moves slow with sadness

And after broken dreams

Nothing is the same.

Why should time be?

It stretches like taffy

Intent on teaching us lessons.

Every detail of what we missed

And what we will do different the next time.

Intentional punishment, it seems…

When all the other days move so quickly.

Suddenly, there is only time for important things-








Sadness reminds us of what matters.