Stuck Energy

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Memories snagging me.

Resentment simmering.

I just want out.

How do you free yourself from the past

When the tears keep falling?

How do you let go

Of what’s holding you?

Every day the grip loosens;

Tears quieter, softer.


I feel myself unfold.

Something isn’t right though.

My heart needs to speak

and be heard.

And then i can sleep

Without you in my dreams.

My heart declawed.



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Sparkling at me

Asking me a question

Whether or not I want to know more

Or is that the question?

There are two questions.

Do I want to?

Am I willing to?

Curiosity killed the cat.

But the cat isn’t here anymore to tell us if it was worth it.

She found her answer.

Would she rather pace around not knowing?

I’d like to paw at something that won’t kill me.

Stretched Out

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Time moves slow with sadness

And after broken dreams

Nothing is the same.

Why should time be?

It stretches like taffy

Intent on teaching us lessons.

Every detail of what we missed

And what we will do different the next time.

Intentional punishment, it seems…

When all the other days move so quickly.

Suddenly, there is only time for important things-








Sadness reminds us of what matters.